Five More Reasons Diets Don’t Work

Five More Reasons Diets Don’t Work

Happy Spring!

Time to shed those extra winter layers. But, are you happy with what’s hiding underneath? Does the thought of how you will look wearing less have you contemplating another ride on the diet roller coaster?  If so, here’s 5 reasons why it may not be such a great idea. Because, Diets Don’t Work.

ONE – Your Body Is Too Smart

Simply put, the goal to keep weight off is at odds with your body’s goal to keep you alive. Your metabolism is hard wired to adapt to less calories. It’s really quite brilliant and dates back centuries to times of famine and food scarcity. It’s known as the Famine Response. Your body learns to run more efficiently on fewer calories. It’s what kept our ancestors alive when there wasn’t enough food.

This slowing of your metabolism sets you up for the dreaded diet plateau. You know what I mean. Weight comes off easily at first, and then it takes weeks to lose one pound, then BAM! You hit the wall. Your metabolism shuts down and says no more weight loss for YOU! Because, Diets Don’t Work.

TWO – Your Brain Says – “I don’t think so”

Wondering what your brain has to do with dieting? Lots. Dieting actually causes neurological changes in your brain. Your brain makes you crave foods that you are trying to avoid. Your brain needs certain nutrients from your food. And if you aren’t getting them, your brain is going to speak up.  

Your brain uses glucose as fuel. Your body converts carbohydrates to glucose. If you suddenly stop eating foods that convert to glucose, your brain is going to make you crave carbs. Protein is another vital brain nutrient. If salads and greens become your mainstay, your brain doesn’t get enough protein and it’s going to let you know. You’ll likely crave high protein foods that come with lots of fat and calories. And, as long as we are talking about fats, your brain needs these too. It needs the good fats. But, when you go all low-fat on your brain, it’s not going to crave olive oil and salmon. It’s going to crave the biggest, greasiest, sloppiest cheeseburger in town!! Because, Diets Don’t Work.

THREE – Your Gut Pulls A Fast One

You probably think you’re doing your stomach a favor by cleaning up your diet, which may very well be the case in some ways. But, if you let that pendulum swing too far in the other direction, there’s going to be a back lash.

Studies have shown hormones in your stomach and digestive system actually change when you diet. These are the same hormones that regulate when you feel hungry and when you feel satisfied. These hormones also play a trick on you when you go off your diet. The foods that you ate and were once satisfied by now leave you feeling hungry and deprived. Because, Diets Don’t Work.

FOUR – Popeye Lied To Us

Popeye made it look so easy, didn’t he? Squeeze open a can of spinach and you’ll have massive guns. Sorry to say, it doesn’t work that way. Your body builds muscle from protein. And muscle fuels your metabolism. No muscle = no metabolism. You can’t lose weight if your metabolism is in the toilet. This is what I spoke of in reason #1.

When you diet you likely stop eating high calorie high fat foods. Unfortunately, this can mean foods that are high in protein too. Then your scale supports this. You know those first few pounds that come off the easiest? They are usually lost muscle. Muscle is denser and weighs more than fat so the scale moves quicker when you lose it. So you continue to eat less protein because the scale says what you are doing is working. But, you are losing muscle, which makes you stop losing weight because you stalled your metabolism… see the vicious circle? Are you starting to get the picture?

FIVE – It’s All A Scam – Diets Don’t Work

As if the first four reasons weren’t enough, the diet industry is taking you for a ride. I spoke about this a few weeks ago when I wrote specifically about Weight Watchers. It was easy to single them out because everyone knows the name. But they are not alone. Their business model is common in the diet industry. Click on this link to read more…What Oprah knows that you don’t.

Diet gurus, diet companies and food manufacturers who make diet foods know everything I’ve just explained to you and more. They know the myriad of reasons why Diets Don’t Work. Using this knowledge is precisely how they stay in business.

They also understand the plight of you, the dieter. They get what an emotionally charged issue it can be for you. They get that at times you will do almost anything to lose the weight. In fact, they bank on it. Literally. They happily skip all the way to the bank with your money. While you’re left feeling like failure because either you didn’t reach your goal weight, or you gained back what you lost.

The problems isn’t you the dieter…it’s the diet.

I hope I’ve begun to empower you with knowledge to make better, more informed choices that will give you the permanent results you so truly desire.

And, if you’d like to see what a healthy vibrant life without dieting can look like for you, let’s talk about it. There is a better way, and I’d love to show it to you.

Click here to set up a FREE “It’s All About, YOU!” call. I’ll help you to clarify your vision for a healthier, thinner, and happier you!

Yours in good health,

Sharon A. See                        

Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach        

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