5 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing

5 Weight Loss Myths

You Need To Stop Believing

There are so many weight loss myths out there that I had a hard time choosing only five to share with you. But here’s a few that I come across most often and find that my clients do too. 

Weight Loss Myth #1 – All Calories Are Created Equal

Calorie count matters, but what those calories are made up of is more important to your health.

Different foods go through different metabolic pathways. Calories from muscle building protein increase your metabolic rate while making you feel full and satisfied. The same number of calories from empty nutrient lacking carbohydrates or sugar gets stored as fat while stimulating your appetite.

Did you know that it’s quite possible to be both obese and malnourished at the same time? It’s a matter of Quality vs. Quantity.  Here’s what I mean.

Eating 450 calories of nutrient dense foods like lean proteins, good fats and healthy carbohydrates from whole fruits and fresh vegetables will give your body the nutrition it needs to be healthy, maintain a healthy weight and create energy.

450 calories from a fast food burger will give you a limited amount of highly processed protein, a huge dose of saturated fats, empty carbohydrate calories, and leave nothing for your body to use to create energy on the cellular level.

Weight Loss Myth #2 – Eating Fat Makes You Fat

National Institutes of Health found those who eat more good fats compared to equal amounts of carbohydrates burn over 100 more calories a day. Studies also show those who eat a diet rich in good fats have much faster metabolisms that those who eat low-fat diets.

Low-fat diets are especially problematic for women.  Our bodies rely on good fats to produce and regulate hormones.  One of the quickest ways to throw your hormones out of balance and experience PMS or menopausal systems is to go on a no-fat diet.

Know your fats – nuts, seeds, avocados, and eggs are all high in fat, but these are good fats that your body and brain need to function properly.  And eating good fats satisfies your brain’s hunger mechanism and turns off cravings. Simply put, good fats keep you fuller longer.

Weight Loss Myth #3 – All Carbohydrates Are Bad

Some are better than others.

A diet full of empty, highly processed carbohydrates will convert to sugar and your body will store them as fat. These highly processed foods can be bread and other baked goods that are made from white flours and sugars.

It’s easy to forget that fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates too! All the marketing around diets and weight loss lead us to believe that only white bread and pasta are carbohydrates. 

This is the Quality vs. Quantity argument again.  200 calories of whole, fresh fruits and vegetables is a massive amount of healthy food that will fill you up. And is chock full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be healthy. It’s also loaded with fiber so your body digests and metabolizes it differently. A medium red pepper contains only about 40 calories which means you can eat a whole lot of fresh veggies. Whereas two slices of plain wheat bread can be more than 200 calories of carbohydrates with very little to no nutritional value.

Weight Loss Myth #4 – All Sugars Are Bad

Just like calories, not all sugars are created equal.

Highly processed sugars like sucrose and fructose should be avoided. These bad sugars increase your risk of gaining weight and of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. When sugar enters your bloodstream, your pancreas releases insulin, which enables sugar to move into cells. Cells sometimes become resistant to insulin when you eat too much processed sugars. This can lead to Type 2 diabetes in addition to causing your body to store the excess sugar as fat.

But, fructose in natural forms like the way it’s found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains is another story.  Sugars contained in these whole foods come with vitamins, minerals, protein, good fats and fiber. The proteins, fats, and fiber slow down and moderate the absorption of sugar which allows time for your body to use it as energy, instead of immediately storing it as fat. It also has less impact on blood sugar levels reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Your body’s primary source of energy is glucose. And your brain requires glucose to function properly too. So, it’s important to consume moderate amounts of naturally occurring sugars in the form of whole foods.

Weight Loss Myth #5 – Only Need Cardio Workouts 

It seems like a no-brainer – lots of cardio means burning more fat and calories. But, there’s more to it than that.

Strength training and muscle building are more important for lasting weight loss. Muscle burns fat. The more lean muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolism will be.  And you’ll burn a higher concentration of fat during a cardio workout. Which is what you want, right?

Different workouts serve different purposes, so be cautious about really high-intensity workouts. Super high-intensity workouts do more for cardiovascular conditioning than they do for fat burning. These workouts keep your body in an anaerobic state, which is not ideal for fat loss.

More moderate, longer duration cardio like walking or hiking along with weight training will do more for your metabolism and train your body to burn fat. And you will be less likely to suffer a strain or injury that could sideline you from your fitness routine.

And, don’t downplay the convenience factor. If you have to make time for a trip to the gym and a shower and blow-dry after every workout, how likely is it that you will consistently have the time for that? How quick and easy is it to lace up your sneakers each day for a lunchtime walk? No shower or blow-dry afterward. Just change your shoes and head on back to your desk. Consistency rather than intensity is more important for lasting weight loss and good health.

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