The Hidden Holiday Stress No One Talks About

The Hidden Holiday Stress

That No One Talks About

Family gatherings, holiday parties, office luncheons, cocktail parties, holiday festivals and more.  We celebrate and come together over food.

For many, this annual ritual represents a hidden holiday stress.

The added holiday stress quietly percolates under the surface for many as the awareness of over eating rises up. Too many festive cocktails, sugary treats and other seasonal favorites leads to the all to familiar holiday weight gain. This is the set up for another go at a New Year’s resolution to finally lose the weight for good this time.

You can’t pick these folks out of the crowd. They are smiling and laughing along with everyone else and seem very jolly and merry on the outside, but inside is a different story. Inside they are feeling the nagging, out of control feelings of being powerless and unable to break the pattern. They finally surrender to it and resolve diet again after the holidays.

Holiday weight gain is real.

New research has shown that the extra pounds you put on between Halloween and the New Year can take up to five months to lose.  So, let’s think about that for a second.  You spend two months putting it on and another five taking it off. That’s more than half of every year spent obsessing about weight. And this pattern only reinforces itself and sets you up for next year. This is why I say, Diets Don’t Work!

Click here to read more about why Diets Don’t Work.

I’m not going pretend that I can solve this problem for you here, in a couple of paragraphs. But, I am going to give you some practical advice that can help.

Here are four simple things you can start doing right away.

Eat Before You Go

Yep, don’t show up hungry. You’ll eat too much. And once you get started, they’ll be no slowing you down.  At the very least have a snack that has protein and good fats in it before you go. It will fill you up and keep your blood sugar stable.

Lay Off The Booze

At least until you have more food in your stomach. I know- it doesn’t sound like much fun. But, once you have a little buzz going on, your self-control goes right out the window. You’ll eat everything in sight and end up drinking more too.

Keep Up With Your Workouts

I know the holiday season is hectic. Now’s not the time to scrimp on your workouts. Make the time. You will be glad you did. And ramp up the strength and weight training, not the cardio. Lean muscle increases metabolism and burns fat. You’ll get more calorie burn from your cardio if you increase muscle.

Get Enough Sleep

Yes, it can be hard to stick to a normal sleep routine this time of year. But, do yourself and your waistline a favor and make it a priority. A sleep-deprived brain doesn’t produce the hormones that keep sugar cravings in check. A sleep deprived body has a slower metabolism and doesn’t burn calories as efficiently. And, your stress level rises when you are sleep deprived causing your adrenal glands to produce more cortisol which leads to belly fat. Make sleep a priority. 

Never Have To Diet Again Plan

Are you catching on to the idea that it’s not just food that got you here? That’s why diets don’t work. It’s a lot of other factors around your daily choices, habits, and lifestyle. It requires a good long look at these parts of your life to know what needs to change on a daily basis so you never have to diet again. It’s not something for the faint of heart and certainly not something you can be successful at conquering on your own. You can’t see your own stuff when you’re in it! That’s where I come in. 

If you’d like to see what a healthy vibrant life without dieting can look like for you, let’s talk about it.

Click here to set up a FREE call with me where I’ll help you to clarify your vision for a healthier, thinner, and happier you!

Yours in good health,

Sharon A. See                        

Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach        


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