Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods

 Must Eat Breakfast Foods

Yes, there really are must eat breakfast foods. And, I know this sounds like a bad cliche, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Think about it. You’ve been fasting all night as you sleep and it’s been 8, 10, maybe even 12 hours since your last meal. Your body NEEDS a good breakfast! 

Due to this short-term fasting, your blood sugar is at the lowest point of the day. The last thing your body needs is for you to eat some empty carbohydrate or sugary breakfast. This will make your blood sugar spike suddenly and set you up for a nasty mid-morning slump as your blood sugar takes a nose dive when the sugar high wears off.

That’s why protein along with some good fats make the best breakfasts. These two macronutrients burn slowly and keep you fuller longer while stabilizing your blood sugar. No mid-morning slump. These powerhouse nutrients also turn your metabolism back on and aid in weight loss.

So, I’m going to show you how to get the protein and healthy fats for your soon-to-be favorite new “go-to” breakfasts. And, I’ve tossed in a great omelet recipe that gives you a healthy dose of veggies too!

Must Eat Breakfast Foods #1: Eggs

Yes, eggs are the “quintessential” breakfast food.  And for good reason!

No, I’m not talking about processed egg whites in a carton.  I mean actual whole “eggs”.

Egg whites are mostly protein while the yolks are the real nutritional powerhouses.  Those yolks contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

Eggs have been shown to help you feel full, keep you feeling fuller longer, and help to stabilize blood sugar and insulin.

Not to mention how easy it is to boil a bunch of eggs and keep them in the fridge for a “grab and go” breakfast or snack when you’re running short on time.

And…nope the cholesterol in eggs is not associated with an increased risk of arterial or heart diseases. That’s outdated nonsense that has no basis in science.

One thing to consider is to try to prevent cooking the yolks at too high of a temperature because that can cause some of the cholesterol to become oxidized.

Click here to learn to make a fool-proof hard-boiled egg.

Must Eat Breakfast Foods #2: Nuts and/or Seeds

Nuts and seeds contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Nuts and/or seeds make a great contribution to breakfast.

And, don’t be fooled by “candied” nuts, sweetened nut/seed butters, or chia “cereals” with added sugars –  you know I’m talking about the real, whole, unsweetened food here.

Skip the fruit-filled yogurt cups and add some nuts and your own berries to a cup of plain greek yogurt. This will give you a protein-packed breakfast with good fats that will keep you satisfied all morning.

Nuts and seeds are also the ultimate fast food if you’re running late in the mornings.  Make up some premade ziplock bags full of your favorite nuts. Grab and go as you’re running out the door; you can nosh on them while you’re commuting.

Not to mention how easy it is to add a spoonful of unsweetened nut/seed butter to your morning breakfast smoothie.

Hint: If you like a creamy latte in the mornings try making one with nut or seed butter.  Just add your regular hot tea and a tablespoon or two of a creamy nut or seed butter into your blender & blend until frothy.

Must Eat Breakfast Foods #3: Protein Smoothie

There are lots of smoothie products on the market. Choose wisely or you could end up drinking your entire days worth of sugar and empty calories in your morning smoothie.

Shaklee Life Shake

This is my go-to morning protein smoothie mix.  Loaded with 24 grams of protein (when mixed as directed), omega-3 fatty acids, 23 essential vitamins and minerals, one billion probiotics, and leucine – an amino acid that builds lean muscle. I prefer the non-GMO soy version, but it’s available in non-soy formulas too.

You can choose from lots of yummy flavors. And you can even heat it up in the colder months when you want something warm in the morning.  Or, add some ice cubes in the summer for more of a frozen smoothie.

I add some fresh or frozen berries along with a tablespoon of flax oil or nut butter and I’m good to go for hours and hours before I feel hungry again.

Wrapping it all up:

I hope you have a better understanding of why eating a breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats is so important. What you eat for breakfast can set you up for a really great day full of energy and stamina or a day filled with highs and lows from blood sugar swings and unsatisfied hunger. This is why proteins and good fats really are must eat breakfast foods.

Here’s a quick and easy omelet recipe. Its packed with protein and good fats with a healthy serving of veggies. And, eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore. This omelet makes a great lunch or dinner.

Recipe (Eggs & Veggies): Veggie Omelet

Serves 1

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1 or 2 eggs (how hungry are you?)

¼ cup diced veggies (grated zucchini and/or sliced mushrooms and/or diced peppers)

1/2 diced avocado

dash salt, pepper and/or turmeric

Add coconut oil to a frying pan and melt on low-medium heat (cast-iron pans are preferred).

In the meantime grab a bowl and beat the egg(s). Add your vegetables, avocado, and choice of spices.

Tilt pan to ensure the bottom is covered with the melted oil.  Pour egg mixture into the pan and lightly fry the eggs without stirring.

When the bottom is lightly done flip over in one side and cook until white is no longer runny.

Serve & Enjoy!

Tip:  Substitute grated, sliced, or diced portion of your favorite vegetable.  Try grated carrots, chopped broccoli or diced tomato.

Click Here to view the recipe as PDF or to print/save a copy of this recipe.

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