It’s National Men Make Dinner Day Today, What About Tomorrow?

It’s National Men Make Dinner Day Today

 But, Who Makes Tomorrow’s Home-Cooked Meal?

This is the day for men, who don’t already, to take charge in the kitchen and create a home-cooked meal for their loved ones.

 But, what about the other 364 days of the year?

Here are some of the benefits of eating a home-cooked meal every night. 

Health Benefits

A home-cooked meal gives you ultimate control of what goes into your food. Restaurant foods are notoriously high in salt, sugar and the wrong kinds of fats. Even if you order from the “healthy” options, you still are subject to suspect ingredients and poor quality.

Shopping for and preparing your meals at home also sets a good example for children. Kids are surrounded by unhealthy, packaged, convenience foods. Show them what real food looks like by having them help out with meal preparation. Who knows, you may discover a budding young chef in your family. 

Mindful eating and portion control are also enhanced with home-cooked meals. You are in full control of the amount of food you put on your plate and can offer healthy portions to children and other family members. Take this a step further and forgo the family style meal. Instead of serving dishes on the table, plate each individual dinner at the counter or stovetop. When your plate is empty, it requires you to give thought to having more instead of mindlessly reaching across the table for another serving.

Social Benefits

Sharing a home-cooked meal is an ideal way to come together with family, your significant other or to connect with friends. And if your day is busy, hectic and stressful, it helps you to decompress from the day when you share your experiences with others. It’s a great transition from the fast pace of your day into a slower more relaxed evening. And studies show that eating meals together promotes good mental health and fosters a sense of belonging and community.

Evening meal time is also a prime time to reconnect with your children and learn about their day. Today’s kids are exposed to a lot when they are not with parents. It’s good to check in with them on a daily basis. And studies show that kids benefit from the ritual of eating meals together. Children who are engaged in healthy meal preparation will make healthier food choices when not with their parents. These kids also have better academic performance and less likely to be tempted by drugs and alcohol.

Economical  Benefits

Eating out or bringing in take-out is very expensive. You can drastically cut your weekly food bills by cooking and eating at home.

Shopping for ingredients and cooking at home gives you control over how you spend those hard-earned dollars. Having a plan ahead of time is the key. Here’s a link to an article that I wrote in which I share some simple tips for getting organized around meal planning, shopping, and cooking. You’ll learn how to save time and money.

It’s not only the dinner meal that will save you money. Think leftovers! Cooking a couple extra portions at mealtime doesn’t take any longer, and it gives you healthy, low-cost lunch for the next day. Put aside the money you save on lunches and see how quickly it adds up!

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