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Helping clients achieve lasting weight loss, have more energy and heal their bodies naturally has been my passion for more than twenty-five years. During that time, I’ve learned a lot from those I’ve helped. But, my own journey of improving my health ansharon-in-woodsd learning to truly live a vibrant healthy life has had the greatest influence on my work. Each time I reach a new a new touch stone, I bring that knowledge and experience into my work with clients. Here’s what I mean.

In my twenties I thought I knew it all. But, didn’t we all? I suffered from chronic colds, respiratory infections and allergies. I was exhausted and my weekends were spent sleeping. I was self conscious about my looks because of Cystic acne . And my hormones ruled my life.  I had no social life. I was a hot mess. All this began to change when I was introduced to the idea that high quality nutritional supplements, not drug store brands, could improve my health. I was skeptical, yet desperate, so I gave it try. Introducing high quality nutritional supplements specific to the needs of my body changed everything. My colds and infections came less often and allergies all but went away. I had more energy. My skin cleared up and my hormones didn’t rule my life anymore. This was huge and forever changed the course of my life. This was my entry into the world of natural healing. I soon began sharing my story with others.

In my thirties I found my energy slipping away. I was still taking my supplements and eating a very healthy diet, but something was off. I experienced chronic bowel and digestive issues. I began to get sick easily again. I was plagued with allergies and everything I ate made me feel sick. At one point I had lost more than thirty pounds and was barely able to get out of bed. I saw more doctors than I can tell you, who insisted I had everything from Crohn’s Disease to Irritable Bowel Syndrome to an eating disorder. I knew enough to listen to my body and sought alternative help. Health Coaches like me didn’t exist back then, so I sought the help of a nutritionist.

You see, together we figured out that I had several undiagnosed food allergies, including gluten. My gut flora had been destroyed by frequent use of antibiotics earlier in my life. And inflammation from foods I was allergic to caused leaky gut syndrome. I was a hot mess, again. Over time, we healed my gut with natural remedies and identified and eliminated the foods I was allergic to.

This was another huge turn of events and my first lesson in bio-individuality. I ate really healthy foods, just not the right foods for me. The idea of Gluten Free Living was born. GFL was a monthly support group I created for people like me who needed help and support living gluten free and with food allergies.

All was well until major life changes came in my forties. Family illnesses and deaths, the trauma of divorce and moving several times took a toll physically, mentally and spiritually. I remained true to my clean, allergy-free eating, exercise, and supplement protocol. But, that wasn’t enough. I gained weight and mental, emotional and physical fatigue took over. This was the big lesson that pulled it all together for me.  I had to learn to care for my mental, emotional and spiritual parts too.

Good health, well being and lasting weight loss is about much more than only what I eat, how much I exercise and how many vitamins I take. It’s also about how consciously I live my life each and every day while caring for all parts of me. Vitalized Wellness and becoming a Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor was born of this experience.

Now in my early fifties, I have more energy and vitality and am happier than at any other time in my life. I do more, play more, live more and enjoy my life in ways I have never before. I’ve learned how to care for myself physically, mentally, emotional, and spiritual, no matter what is happening around me. And having fun is a huge part of that. Enjoying some good play time helps me to be more creative and show up more enthusiastically in all areas of my life, especially for my clients. See here where TV dynamo Shonda Rhimes sings the praises of play time for grownups in her recent TED Talk.

Living in Connecticut provides a year round playground for me. I love the outdoors. In the summer months I indulge in the waters of Long Island Sound and enjoy the beaches of Fairfield and New Haven Counties. And frequently take the short car ride to the Rhode Island and Cape Cod Massachusetts shoreline. Spring and fall provide amazing motorcycle riding weather into the hills of Litchfield County and the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. Local hiking trails here in Shelton, Trumbull and Monroe are wonderful for snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the colder months.

There may be some debate as to whether or not you can actually reverse ageing, but I promise you can certainly feel younger, happier, stronger and more energetic no matter your age.

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