Top Three Fall Veggies

Top Three Nutritious Fall Veggies

There are so many varieties of fall veggies that you can easily find something to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters.

Most of these crops are very versatile too! They can be used in many different recipes from soups and stews, to casseroles, salads, and even atop your favorite pasta.

You just can’t beat them for healthy sources of vitamins, minerals, essential fats and tons of fiber. I’ve broken them down for you in into three groups. I also give you plenty of healthy reasons to make each of these a regular part of your diet.

Read through to the end of this article and you’ll find a couple of tasty recipes using some of these nutritious fall favorites.

Root Crops

Carrots, parsnips, radishes, potatoes, turnips, beets, and onions are just some of the nutritious root crops you’ll find at the market this time of year.

Root crops are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost immune function, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals. You’ll also find them to have a hefty amount of fiber which keeps you fuller longer while supporting digestive health. And, lots of complex carbohydrates that act as fuel for your body without increasing your blood sugar as processed carbs do.


Acorn, butternut, spaghetti, delicata, kobacha, and pumpkins are all in season now. These are some of the most well know squashes, but you may find more at your local farm stands and markets. 

Squashes are so good for you. They contain lots of vitamins, really important minerals and even good fats like omega-3 fatty acids. And like root crops, they also have a ton of fiber to support healthy digestive function and help keep cholesterol in check. The vitamins and minerals in squashes help to keep your immune system strong, strengthen bones, and reduce inflammation.

Leafy Greens

Spinach, chard, escarole, kale, and lettuces are all making a comeback with the colder temperatures. Local growers are still featuring these leafy gems as the growing season draws to a close.

Greens are so important and should be a foundational part of your diet. Leafy greens give you many of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that you find in other fall veggies, and a whole lot more. Leafy greens are an alkalizing food which means they make your body less acidic. High acidity levels promote inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to all of the common illnesses and ailments you want to avoid.  Leafy greens also promote healthy digestion because they contain lots of enzymes that break down and digest foods properly.

Here are a few simple recipes to help you get starting cooking with some of these great fall vegetables.


Acorn Squash w/Ginger Apple Stuffing

Sweet Potato, Kale and White Bean Soup

Butternut Squash & Kale Pasta

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